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One of the most universally recognised and beloved treats worldwide - chocolate! With several different varieties and flavours available depending on where you live, we’re often spoiled for choice. But a treat that not many people have had the chance to enjoy is luxury Italian chocolates, including high-quality types from various richer and tastier brands than regular store-bought brands. 

Italy is home to some of the foremost chocolate makers globally, including Amedei, Domori, Pernigotti, Bonajuto, Slitti, and Venchi. Here at Sitalia Deli, we are a proud purveyor of Bonajuto chocolates and happy to provide to customers worldwide who want a uniquely decadent treat they can enjoy. 

What Makes Italian Premium Chocolate Oh-So Good? 

You might already have heard good things about Italian chocolate and wondered what makes it so much better than the typical fare. Of course, it’s not just any particular reason but a variety of different factors coming together to create a higher quality chocolate experience. However, there are two elements to Italian chocolate making that ensure an excellent finished product. 

Italian Chocolatiers Use Higher-Quality Ingredients

While other chocolate companies might purchase cheaper ingredients to decrease their chocolate production costs, most Italian producers make sure only to buy high-grade components. Accepting lower quality ingredients isn’t an unreasonable stance because of the expense of importing cacao beans from cacao-rich countries. 

However, low-quality ingredients tend to mean low-quality products, something Italian producers are all too aware of. While Italian chocolates tend to cost more, customers can’t deny that the decadent flavours make the expense worth it. 

Italian Chocolatiers Still Use Old Recipes

Another cost-saving technique that other chocolate companies will utilise is changing their recipes to promote more effective mass production. Generally, this means that they’ll alter the original instructions to have fewer steps or require less careful monitoring to maximise their product output.

Of course, as with using low-quality ingredients, the final product’s taste will change to match the less meticulous cooking method. 

Italian chocolate makers, on the other hand, tend not to have this problem. Most premium chocolate makers are small, family-run businesses that have been using the same recipe for generations to produce the same great-tasting treat every time. 

An Intro to Bonajuto Chocolate Italiano...

Bonajuta’s factory is located in Sicily and has been producing quality chocolates for over 150 years. It’s one of the oldest factories in Italy, with the Bonajuto family passing it down through six generations. Started as an assortment of different business ideas, including a scent shop, sewing shop, and ice cream parlour, it would narrow its focus to sweet treats around 1854.

Afterwards, the chocolate company thrived, earning a gold medal at Rome’s International Agricultural Industry Exposition in 1911. Today, the Bonajuto chocolatier offers an assortment of chocolate flavours based on the original recipe created over 150 years ago. 

Their selection includes chocolate drinks, individually wrapped pieces, and bars. The flavours can range from orange to lemon, and dark chocolate cacao content can run from as low as 70% to as high as 100%. 

Sitalia Deli’s Luxury Italian Chocolates

If you’ve got a craving for authentic Italian chocolates from Bonajuto, one of the country’s premier chocolatiers, then Sitalia Deli has you covered. Along with several other luxury products imported from Italy, we carry a collection of high-quality chocolates produced by Bonajuto and ready to be delivered right to your door.

At Sitalia Deli, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the same excellent customer service that you’d receive in a brick-and-mortar store while also delivering the best in Italian-sourced premium products. 

Take a look at our delicious chocolates on their own or part of a luxury hamper and order online today!