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Our Fine White Wine

For a high-quality white wine, it’s hard to go wrong with an Italian-sourced vintage. As the oldest and largest wine producer in the world, not only are you assured of excellent tasting wine but you are also guaranteed a high amount of variety from nearly every vineyard. You can purchase a variety of these at Sitalia Deli and have them delivered directly to your door.

So... What are the Best Regions for the Finest Italian White Wine?

Being the top winemaking country globally, it should come as no surprise that Italy has several notable vineyards where producers cultivate ingredients regularly.  There are white wine producers in all 20 wine regions in Italy. We’ve listed some of the more notable areas that produce fine white wine below.


As one of the most significant wine producers, no wine collection is complete without white wine from one of Tuscany’s famous vineyards. There, producers cultivate the Vernaccia grape, which is used to make their Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Italy’s first DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata or Designation of Controlled Origin) wine. 

Other varieties of Tuscan white grapes include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, Cortese, Trebbiano, and Vermentino.


While producers introduced winemaking to Abruzzo in the 6th century BC, it’s only recently that its vineyards have gotten significant attention. As its wineries have improved over the last 50 years, Abruzzo has become an increasingly desirable tourist destination. 

It’s renowned for its picturesque hiking trails and beaches, as well as being the catalyst for a generation of wine experts who’ve improved several aspects of the winemaking process. 


Tourism to Calabria has increased over the years, but it remains one of the least visited vineyards in Italy.  Despite the low interest, Calabrian wine has a lot of exciting history, with their winemaking techniques first influenced by the Oentrians and then the ancient Greeks. It’s likely for this reason that the area is also known for its olive and citrus fruit cultivation.


Located between the Po Basin and the Alps, Lombardy is ideally situated to create a mesh of climates that can significantly impact the taste of their wines, depending on where the vineyard is. Lombardy consists of 13 different wine-producing regions, the oldest of which has cultivated grape varieties since the 5th century. 

Which Wine Will You Choose?

With so many different varieties of Italian white wine grown in so many places around Italy, it can be challenging to navigate the wide range of options you have. You already have some idea of the varieties that Tuscan wine makers produce, but the other regions are just as diverse.

No matter your taste, you can find a number of prestigious white wines in our inventory and ready to ship to you. Try the authentic taste of imported Italian white wines and discover why Italy is considered the top winemaker. You can browse our options and purchase a bottle (or six) today!