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Nothing can transport you to a sunny Mediterranean location quite like a cold glass of Italian rosé wine.

Along with being a thirst-quenching addition to a sunny day, or the perfect accompaniment to an Italian-inspired meal, rosé wine from Italy is known for being delicious and extremely high-quality.

The aesthetic pink wine not only looks good in the glass, but comes in a range of flavour profiles and styles; from hints of wild strawberry and black cherry, to floral notes and fruity flavours. Whatever you look for in your daily tipple, you can find the best Italian rosé wine here at Sitalia Deli.

Enjoy the native grapes and interesting wine styles from our Italian wines, and get everything conveniently delivered to your front door.

The best Italian Rose Wine online

Italian rosés offer a variety of sweet and savoury flavours that are completely unique compared to international grapes and other international varieties of rosé wines.

Rosé wines are extremely versatile, with popular flavours including pink grapefruit, red currant, blood orange, wild berries and wild strawberries. But don't think that it's all about sweetness, you can also choose a savoury finish with ingredients like elegant notes of white pepper, Mediterranean herbs, white flowers and other herb flavours.

Italy is home to hundreds of native grape varieties that come from various regions around the country. All offer wines brimming with flavour and floral aromas that make it a much lighter and fresher alternative to red wine and white wine.  

They are particularly known for the exquisite wines using grapes grown in regions such as Lake Garda, Lombardy, Puglia, and Calabria.

Shop the best pink wines at Sitalia Deli and enjoy sipping on some of the most delicious rosé wines that Italy has to offer.

What types of Italian Rose Wine can you buy at Sitalia Deli

We have carefully selected the best Italian rosé so that our customers get only the highest-quality Italian rosé wines possible. Our range of wines combine some of the most impressive flavour combinations and styles that will help you start your very own rosé revolution.

With typical aromas of grape that turn into full bodied flavours of balsamic and liquorice, to notes of Mediterranean scrub land, citrus and wild berry, there's plenty to get excited about with our range of wines at Sitalia Deli.

Italy is one of the world's largest wine producers and is known for cultivating some of the best quality grapes, so you know you're always getting the quality you deserve when you purchase one of our wines.

Whether you're planning a dinner party where you want to impress guests, or planning a cosy evening in for one, the rosé wines you can buy at Sitalia Deli are the perfect addition.

Why buy Italian Rose Wines online at Sitalia Deli?

At Sitalia Deli we are dedicated to sourcing the very best Italian food and drink for our customers in the UK.

Italy has such a strong culture when it comes to their national cuisine, and through our products, anyone can become part of this ancient culture and embrace the Italian way of life.

We bring the world of luxury Italian wine right to your door, promising you the very best rosé wines from some of the best Italian brands that brim with a range of delightful flavours.

With a comprehensive range of wines, fast and convenient shipping, and affordable prices, it's never been easy to get a piece of the Mediterranean lifestyle in your very own home.

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