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Embrace the long-standing heritage of Italian cuisine with one of the most unique and flavoursome ingredients, Italian extra virgin olive oil. Easily take your cooking to the next level - after all, there's a reason this oil is often called 'liquid gold' among foodies.

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What’s so special about Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil?

Olive trees cover over 2.5 million acres of beautiful Italian land, and produce over 460,000 tons of oil every year.

With ample space and a climate that brings out the best of every tree, Italy is the perfect location for native olive trees to thrive and the best olive oil to be manufactured.

Based on recipes and manufacturing processes that have been passed through generations, Italy prides itself on creating extra virgin olive oil in family-owned estates that have earned a reputation for being the best in the world.

Italian traditional cuisine and olive oil

Italian olive oil has long been part of authentic Italian cuisine, and plays a crucial part in Italian tradition.

From being used to garnish salads and as dipping sauces, to being key ingredients in national favourites such as olive oil cake, risotto and lasagne, there's no dish that couldn't be improved with olive oil.

To this day, extra virgin olive oil is made in similar ways as they've been for hundreds of years, forming a strong and integral part of Italy's food history.

The most prestigious olive oil producer regions in Italy

Despite olive oil being produced in regions like Puglia, Calabria, and Toscana, Sicilia is one of the most popular and well-known regions for high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Sicilian olive oils

The beautiful island off of Southern Italy, Sicilia is known for being one of the best sources of higher quality olives and being home to exquisite olive groves.

The island has earned even Protected Geographical Indication from the Italian government for its reputation for incredible olive oils and growing the finest olives in Italy.

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At Sitalia Deli we have hand selected the very best Italian oils that are unfiltered, cold pressed and hand-picked for superior quality and taste.

With our oils you can discover the majestic flavours of the Italian countryside and eat your way into the strong culture of the finest cuisine in the world.

The authentic taste of the best olive oils made of Italian olives is unlike any oil you will have tried before, opening up new flavour experiences that pair effortlessly with any dish you're planning to make

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